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Monday, November 17, 2008

Reflections of Nature 2008 - Colored Pencil Workshop

At this year's "Reflections of Nature" competition and exhibition put on by the Saskatchewan Wildlife Art Association, I was invited to teach a workshop on my colored pencil technique. I was so surprised that the workshop not only filled up - but was actually over filled! There were sixteen of my fellow artists, friends, and fans who actually paid to learn my technique! It was quite flattering, really, and I had so much fun teaching. Here's a picture of me hunkering down behind the table demonstrating part of my technique:(Much thanks to my number one fan - my mom - who was not only my personal assistant at the workshop, but she was my photographer and moral support too!)

I taught the course by demonstrating one step of my technique by having everyone gather around the table and watch, then allowed everyone to try it themselves with their supplies and reference photos at their tables. I then walked around and helped out where I could, answered questions as they arose, and generally tried to impart some of my knowledge! Additionally, I had booklets done up with the steps and photos printed in them, so people could follow along or take them home to read later. Overall, I think everyone had a lot of fun. In particular, I want to show this picture of me and Kay, one of the wonderful people who took my class. Kay had never even tried colored pencils before - EVER - and she did so very well! I hope she (and everyone else that tried it out!) keep up the great work, and as I told them all - I hope to see more colored pencil works in next year's competition!
For those of you who would like to see the photos included in my step-by-step tutorial, along with the written "how-to" guide to my colored pencil technique, feel free to visit my personal site where I have posted my full Colored Pencil Tutorial. And keep in mind that I am always happy to help out if you have questions - just drop me an e-mail!

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