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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is there an appropriate title for this? If so, I don't know what it is...

Those of you still patient enough to be following my blog - thank you so much for your continued support. I intend to reward that support in the near future by adding more art related content. However, I feel like this small and to-the-point post is required to update those of you curious as to what's going on in my personal life.

I have been through some pretty major and life altering changes the past few months, and this is why my art has taken a back burner for much of that time. I have separated from my husband of four years, and have moved from Regina, Saskatchewan, to Calgary, Alberta (which I have always considered "home"). I am just finally getting set up in my new place, complete with a little corner of my bachelor-style basement suite dedicated as "art studio space". Obviously there is a lot of emotional and personal issues being dealt with on a daily basis, but that is besides the point, and not at all the direction I'm going with this post. The point, as far as I'm concerned, is that for the first time in a long time, I feel inspired and motivated, even if I'm not quite acting on it yet. I'm looking forward to creating more new works, and hope to further my career here in Calgary, where the art scene is quite a bit more thriving than in Regina. I appreciate your patience with me while I update all sorts of things both here on my blog and on my personal website. New artwork will be posted soon!