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Monday, October 18, 2010

"Regard" - FINISHED!

Well... it was finished quite some time ago, but being the classic procrastinator that I am, I have somewhat neglected my blog in the past few months. Once again, personal life seems to interfere with the life of an artist, unfortunately. But - thank you for your patience - here it is, all finished!

"Regard" is now framed and hanging in the home of the proud owners of the commissioned piece, along with "Focus" - the companion piece. Both "Focus" and "Regard" will be entered in "Reflections of Nature" this weekend in Saskatoon. If you'd like to see them in person, come out and attend the show!

(Print sales of "Regard" start at the show this weekend - all website orders will begin Monday, October 25th! Reserve yours by e-mailing me today!)

Reflections of Nature 2010 - Preparation!

I am currently getting ready for another annual "Reflections of Nature" show held in Saskatoon, put on by the Saskatchewan Wildlife Art Association. This year marks a very important milestone - for the first time ever, I will have a commercial booth set up at the show! It's exciting to have that kind of presence at a show of this magnitude, but it is a lot of work! (Which I should be doing right now!) Visit the SWAA website for more information on the show! After the weekend, I'll post photos and some chit-chat about this year's show. Hope to see you there!