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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Miniature "Zebra Muzzle" - FINISHED!

And here it is! Completely finished. Obviously, I'm a bit behind my goal of one miniature every two weeks... and I do plan on rectifying that situation, just not any time soon! I've been consumed with a number of other tasks, mostly related to creating the website and program for the NOAO Show coming up in April. On top of that, I am panicking to get the last few things done for the RFA show this weekend. And, last but not least, I've been SO VERY SICK for over a week now! But of course, that's enough of all that. This zebra muzzle was a lot of fun, and it's the first image I've done that didn't incorporate an eye in the scene. It was a unique challenge, and I'm happy with the result. I had a lot of fun completing this one!


Anonymous said...

Oh, it's fantastic, Christina!

Sorry you weren't well - it must have been really stressful with so many events about to happen.

Do you mind if I ask a question: how on earth do you get those whiskers painted so perfectly??

Unknown said...

Great job on this miniature. It looked great at the RFA show, even if it was displayed so high that most people could barely see it :P

Good job on that NOAO site too. I really like the divided nav bar at the top. Finally a design that hasn't been used 10,000 times.

Unknown said...

Fantastic details in a pencil sketch. WOW

artbyakiko said...


Sally McLean said...

I love this piece! WOW!!

Lene Daugaard said...

wonderful artwork - so soft and lifelike looking. How large/small is it ?

Anonymous said...

Just found your great blog!

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Carolina said...

Hi Christina :)
Thank you very much for following (that means A LOT to me), and thanks for letting me know about your blog, I love your paintings, it's amazing how you get to include so much detail, I'm almost overwelmed!
How do you paint white over black (the 'whiskers' and the white hairs of the nostrils over the black background)? I can't do that with my polychromos! I usually use watercolor paper, do you think that might have something to do with that too?
Well, thanks a lot again and hope to see you and your work more often :)

Quilt Works said...

Beautiful! Quite a challange to be expressive without showing eyes.
I am going to add this experiment on my to-do list! It should be a fun challange, thank you for sharing the idea.

Anonymous said...

wonderful! i love your art!

Nata Cynthia Artistadonna said...