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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mural Mosaic - The Horse Gift

I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful project. Once again, the team at Mural Mosaic and NOA have created an amazing mural, with artists all over the world participating! Please visit their site for more info about the project. This picture is an image of my panel, #72 of the 238 total panels in the mural:The mural is created with 238 of these panels, and each one is 16" x 16" - meaning the entire mural will be a whopping 18' x 22' (approx. size). I will create a painting on this panel (as will all of the other artists on their panels) that matches the colors and shapes involved, and when all of the panels are reassembled, they will create an amazing image of "The Horse Gift" or "Le Cadeau du Cheval". The mural is scheduled to be unveiled at the prestigious international "Masters" competition at Spruce Meadows this September! I will be attending the event, where people will get to meet some of the artists, view the mural, and purchase prints of the entire mural. I haven't been to Spruce Meadows or the Masters since I was a teenager, so I'm very much looking forward to it. I have until July 1st to finish this painting, and so you will see the work-in-progress (WIP) posts as I progress on the panel. As of yet, I haven't decided 100% on what medium I will work in, although it will likely be acrylic paint. And of course, as I mentioned previously, I would let you all know what I'm watching on my TV - it is now "The Simpsons" Season Three. I'm back to working nights, and I'm going to see how this schedule works for me. I'll post more on that later.

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